Mid-Century Modern (splat!) Vinyl


Limited Edition 12" Vinyl - Splatter ***CANADIAN ORDERS ONLY!***

Limited edition (/150) of Talk Show Host's debut album "Mid-Century Modern." Get it today before it's gone! Bring home on luxurious synthetic material 10 declarations of love for ‘90s punk, larger than life guitars, catchy pop melodies and indie rock detours.

You'll also get three INSTANT GRAT OH YEAH!™ tracks immediately: "Blood in the Sand," "Crisis Actors," and the non-album track "This Monologue".

Releases June 4, 2021 - This is a pre-order; you will be updated once manufacturing finishes & shipping starts.

For US: wiretaprecords.com
For UK/EU: disconnectdisconnectrecords.bigcartel.com

Written & Performed - Talk Show Host
Producer - John Dinsmore
Engineer - John Dinsmore @ Lincoln County Social Club (Toronto, Canada)
Mix & Master - Olive t'Servrancx-Bierman @ Electrik Box Studio (France)
Gang vocals by Kris Rose, Melinda Irvins and Your Pall Bill™
Additional vocals by Madeleine Maynard


  1. You Asshole!
  2. Blood in the Sand
  3. Crisis Actors
  4. Warmest Condolences
  5. Sorry, My Mistake
  6. Syntax Error OK
  7. Too Many Problems
  8. Up to No Good (Again)
  9. The Ballad o' Jack Nance
  10. Lame Duck...